Cooperative associations are unique.  The form of legal ownership is completely different than all other types of common interest developments.  In cooperative associations, the association typically owns all real property, with owners/members establishing their ownership interest via issuance of stock or membership shares, and possibly with a lease related to their unit.

Tax issues related to cooperative associations are also unique.  Cooperatives are taxed under Subchapter T of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), Section 1381 - 1388.  In addition, for those cooperative that meet the qualifications, they may also be recognized as a "Cooperative Housing Corporations under IRC Section 216, which allows the pass through of interest and property tax deductions from the cooperative to the owners/members.  Our long time research of and understanding of Subchapter T and related rulings, we have become recognized as experts nationwide in the area of cooperative taxation.  We have been able to recognize improperly filed tax returns (including a number prepared by "big 4" CPA firms), and have been able to prepare amended tax returns and make claims against prior tax preparers that have resulted in our cooperative clients receiving millions of dollars in tax refunds and damage awards.